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06/20/18 02:34 PM #916    


Frances Swindle (Thrift)

Patty Thank you so much for stepping up.  I am just excited about coming/showing up.  After reading the messages from the past few days I take it that the party will be ealry summer 2019?  

06/21/18 10:18 AM #917    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

Gary yes I recived  the survey. ILL ck it out as soon as i can ,meeting soon.Ill let everyone know.

06/27/18 09:15 AM #918    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

Hello classmates Ive been working on planing the 50th Anniversary Party and Have come up with Dates .The Dates June 7th and 8th.2019 Jimmie Anne and Rick have booked the PelicanYacht Club for Sat night.IM STILL working on Friday night.I need Ideas for a BAND .Sat will be SEMI FORMAL OR FORMAL,FRIDAY CASUAL.I  need help so anytakers will be grea,.Meeting soon.GO EAGLES

06/27/18 09:29 AM #919    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

Just to let all classmates know this is a SPECIAL YEAR OUR 50TH ANNIVERSARY,everyone has over a year to plan and there will be a fund to help some of you that need it .We want everyone to have a good time.

06/27/18 10:29 AM #920    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

Just FYI everyone the reason for the JUNE pick was thats the weekend of GRADUATION 1969 .I thought it was fitting,more infor to come.

06/28/18 10:04 AM #921    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I know that Patty is looking for help for next year’s 50th reunion.   From experience, I can tell you that the more people involved, the easier it is, and we get to have more fun at the planning meetings.  The meetings are ALMOST as much fun as the reunions themselves.   So be sure to email Patty at so you can enjoy it all!

06/28/18 07:35 PM #922    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

Just to let everyone know nothing is for sure for the 50 Anniversary Party except the Date.WE are still in the planning stage.Ideas are still  on the table.WHEN THE COMMITTEE PLANS are complete ill lt you all know. Im very busy after our move from our home,just thought we could get a start on setting the Date.

06/29/18 09:34 AM #923    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I believe that Jimmie Anne was able to reserve the Pelican Yacht Club for Saturday, June 8th.  We’ve used that location many times before, and it really makes a wonderful easy venue - especially since none of us are getting any younger and it eliminates much of the hard work of putting on an event.   It also lends itself to any kind of get-together, from completely casual to completely formal.  

06/29/18 11:55 AM #924    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

It’s a year away.  Other than the dates, nothing is set in stone.  It hasn’t even begun to be planned. Patty is seeking people to help plan and implement the plans.  If no one is willing to help, it makes it a little difficult for a “new leader” to even start to lead.  


07/01/18 12:31 PM #925    


Anita Beaver (Sloan)

Patty, I sent you an email but never got a response. I thought the decisions would be made by the committee as a team. I have seen nothing about a date to show up for the committee. The summer date is fine with me (as you say June 9, 1969 was our graduation). If you look at the survey though, you will see that the majority wanted casual vs. formal/informal. I do have a suggestion for a 2 member band that would not be too expensive but any band that we can afford would be great. As I said, I think everyone is waiting to get with you as a "team effort" to go over what our options are and to make these decisions. I would like to hear from our other classmates as to what their thoughts are. Thanks! 

07/01/18 12:58 PM #926    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

The survey was split evenly on the time frame.  I believe the weekend was decided upon because Jimmie Anne was able to reserve the Pelican Yacht Club 6/8.   

07/01/18 09:00 PM #927    


Gary McCollum (McCollum)

not everone grd in june dont forget us summer schoolers.

  aloha from valcano head quartes may the flow be with uuuuuuuuuuuuuu

07/06/18 09:36 PM #928    


Russell Turner

Sounds great Gary, you can count me in if the classes are in Fort Pierce!

07/13/18 03:01 PM #929    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

To all classmates there will be a committee meeting on Monday July the 30th at 5-530 if you can attend thats great  anyone..Meeting to be at 3015 okeechobee Road  at planning center ,most of us have been there before.IF you cant make the meeting we will have another one in a couple of months. Thanks Patty Ward Bieber your Chair person  for 50th Anniversary Party see you there Go Eagles

07/13/18 06:49 PM #930    


Anita Beaver (Sloan)

Thanks Patty. I hope to be there. I am also hoping that we get a good turnout for the meeting as we do need help in planning this big event. Come on classmates, even if you cannot attend, please let us know your thoughts and ideas for making our 50th reunion a success. 


07/14/18 07:54 AM #931    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Hi All:  I will be out of town 7/30, but will come to the next meeting.  I hope everyone who is able, will attend.  It really is, the more the merrier!

07/17/18 10:46 AM #932    


Victor Culbertson

I will be there. I believe this is the banner that Lorie had from the 10th reunion, 1979.



07/19/18 09:51 AM #933    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

Hello everyone I need you to respond to me if your going to make the meeting on Monday July 30th at 5-530 Thanks Patty Ward Bieber.LETS PLAN THIS 50th Anniversary Party.

07/20/18 10:16 AM #934    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Yes, I am planning to attend the meeting and hope that we can get a good response and attendance.  I will bring a variety of paperwork that I have accumulated and saved to share with the group.  Come on folks!  We really need some volunteers to come forward to see that we have a "50" reunion celebration. See you at the Haisley Reception Center.  Any questions, thoughts or ideas ~  please call or text me at 772-216-0271.


07/20/18 07:08 PM #935    


Linda Walters (Hays)

I will also be there and bring my materials.  I also have a banner that Dixon had made for us and that we have used at the last several reunions.  Come on classmates - we need new leaders~!!

07/30/18 10:39 AM #936    

Patty Ward (Bieber)

Hello I hope more classmates show up to the meeting tonight than have responed, because it takes a villiage to Plan this Event.See you all tonight. Thanks Patty Ward Bieber

07/31/18 08:58 AM #937    


Tommy Schwartz

Class of 1969 and Friends

The initial planning meeting for the 50th Anniversary Party was held last evening.  We discussed venues and attire as well as the methods that we may use for registration of classmates and guests.  A few investigative assignments were made to those in attendance and we decided to meet again in 2 weeks.

It was decided that for attire we are going to leave it up to you.  You can come as the Queen of the Ball, The King of the Rodeo, Resort Chic, or whatever.   If shorts and Top Siders are your thing…come on in.

Those in attendance were:  Patty Ward Bieber, Lois Gordy, Linda Hays, Anita Beaver Sloan, and I.  Rick and Jimmie Anne stopped by to let us know how our bank account was looking for planning purposes.

The next meeting will be at 4:30pm Monday, August 13th at 3015 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34947.  If you would like to join in the planning phase…Please be there and join in the fun.

Eagle Proud,

Tommy Schwartz

PS  tYes...this was also sent as email.  I have reposted it in case someone's email is bouncing back and for some reason they were checking the site.  If you didn't get this as email...check to make sure you have the correct address on file with this site.

08/13/18 11:02 AM #938    


Tommy Schwartz

Class of 1969 & Friends

Just a brief reminder: If you want to be a part of the planning process for our 50th Class there this afternoon at 4:30.  3015 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34947.  

See You there,


08/13/18 02:38 PM #939    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I’m hoping there is a good turnout for the meeting at 4:30 today!  See you there!

08/13/18 07:07 PM #940    


Tommy Schwartz

Class of 1969 & Friends

Here's a brief overview of what was decided upon at today's Class Reunion Meeting:

  • The dates will be Friday and Saturday, June 7th & 8th of 2019 and both nights will be at The Pelican.  The Pelican largely because they will do the decorating pretty much for us (and clean up the mess).  We left Sunday open in the case that people want to get together on their own with friends who are in from out of town.
  • There will be no price increase over the last reunion.  It will remain at $95.00.  Our cost per person will be in the $80 range.  The rest will be to pay the entertainment, etc.
  • We are in the market for affordable entertainment who will play music that is from the era we graduated for Saturday night. Friday we plan on a low key DJ to mainly play background music so people can talk and get reaquainted.
  • We also need a couple of volunteers.  First we need someone who has the capability and the time to print up the name tags.  Secondly, if we want to have the Eagle brought down from the Historical Museum...we will need someone for that job.
  • It was also decided to invite members of other classes who would like to attend as well. 
  • The class website will be setup to take reservations in the near future.  Donations toward scholarships will also be accepted. 

In addition to those attending the last meeting, Susan Waters Black,  Barbara Cleveland Sinbine, and Ford Sloan were also with us tonight.  We decided that our next meeting will be after the 1st of the year. 

Stay Tuned and Always Eagle Proud,


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