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07/31/18 08:58 AM #937    


Tommy Schwartz

Class of 1969 and Friends

The initial planning meeting for the 50th Anniversary Party was held last evening.  We discussed venues and attire as well as the methods that we may use for registration of classmates and guests.  A few investigative assignments were made to those in attendance and we decided to meet again in 2 weeks.

It was decided that for attire we are going to leave it up to you.  You can come as the Queen of the Ball, The King of the Rodeo, Resort Chic, or whatever.   If shorts and Top Siders are your thing…come on in.

Those in attendance were:  Patty Ward Bieber, Lois Gordy, Linda Hays, Anita Beaver Sloan, and I.  Rick and Jimmie Anne stopped by to let us know how our bank account was looking for planning purposes.

The next meeting will be at 4:30pm Monday, August 13th at 3015 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34947.  If you would like to join in the planning phase…Please be there and join in the fun.

Eagle Proud,

Tommy Schwartz

PS  tYes...this was also sent as email.  I have reposted it in case someone's email is bouncing back and for some reason they were checking the site.  If you didn't get this as email...check to make sure you have the correct address on file with this site.

08/13/18 11:02 AM #938    


Tommy Schwartz

Class of 1969 & Friends

Just a brief reminder: If you want to be a part of the planning process for our 50th Class there this afternoon at 4:30.  3015 Okeechobee Rd, Fort Pierce, FL 34947.  

See You there,


08/13/18 02:38 PM #939    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I’m hoping there is a good turnout for the meeting at 4:30 today!  See you there!

08/13/18 07:07 PM #940    


Tommy Schwartz

Class of 1969 & Friends

Here's a brief overview of what was decided upon at today's Class Reunion Meeting:

  • The dates will be Friday and Saturday, June 7th & 8th of 2019 and both nights will be at The Pelican.  The Pelican largely because they will do the decorating pretty much for us (and clean up the mess).  We left Sunday open in the case that people want to get together on their own with friends who are in from out of town.
  • There will be no price increase over the last reunion.  It will remain at $95.00.  Our cost per person will be in the $80 range.  The rest will be to pay the entertainment, etc.
  • We are in the market for affordable entertainment who will play music that is from the era we graduated for Saturday night. Friday we plan on a low key DJ to mainly play background music so people can talk and get reaquainted.
  • We also need a couple of volunteers.  First we need someone who has the capability and the time to print up the name tags.  Secondly, if we want to have the Eagle brought down from the Historical Museum...we will need someone for that job.
  • It was also decided to invite members of other classes who would like to attend as well. 
  • The class website will be setup to take reservations in the near future.  Donations toward scholarships will also be accepted. 

In addition to those attending the last meeting, Susan Waters Black,  Barbara Cleveland Sinbine, and Ford Sloan were also with us tonight.  We decided that our next meeting will be after the 1st of the year. 

Stay Tuned and Always Eagle Proud,


10/17/18 07:12 AM #941    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Forty-nine years ago, it was October in our senior year of high school.  Think of how young we were then!  So different from today, and not just physically.   Yet, if we don’t look in the mirror, we still feel that young.  We once thought people who were :gasp: 67, were VERY old.  Now, we have re-evaluated our idea of old age.  I now personally think that 97 is “getting on up there!”  I hope all of you are planning on coming to our 50th Class Reunion next year.  If not, then consider rethinking your decision.  I’d love to see you all!

10/17/18 05:25 PM #942    


Garry Morrison

U R right 97 is getting up there . I just finished helping a neighbor

who is 90 , I told him he was on the way to 100 he just grinned !

10/17/18 07:33 PM #943    


Linda Walters (Hays)

Barbara - you are so right.....67 " used" to be old....  Now it is young.  Lois and I have been saying for years that we are going to wear out not rust out.  I still have a lot of living to do.......and hope my classmates feel the same and look forward to seeing each other next year for the 50th reunion.  Proud Eagles~!

10/18/18 06:31 PM #944    


Billy Webb (Webb Quarles Gilda)

Doc, in GA said Gilda Q. Webb, could to be100 years, young, am 68, an feel it some days,and stop whining, or city mouse, Walt Disney, will give Gilda a block of cheese, to Country, Mouse, Amen

10/23/18 10:27 AM #945    


Garry Morrison

It is with deep regret that I inform the class that

Andy Humphrey passed in his sleep yesterday October 22 2018.

I will keep you informed as I receive more information !

RIP,  Love Ya Buddy.


10/23/18 01:37 PM #946    

Ford Sloan

A lot of good memories and good times. We will miss you Andy. RIP  Love, Ford & Anita

10/23/18 08:39 PM #947    


Garry Morrison

Regarding Andy's funeral !!

I just spoke with Becy, and the funeral arrangements are as follows.

All services will be this Saturday 10-27-2018 @ Yates Funeral Home (the one in Fort Pierce)

1. Visitation = 10:00-12:00

2. Service = 12:00-1:00

3. Grave Side = 1:00-2:00   White City Cementer

       also see


11/21/18 01:15 PM #948    


Tommy Schwartz

With Great Sadness, I just added Tim Sugg to our In Memory Page.  I also placed a link to his obituary there too. 

Visitation will be held on Sunday, November 25, 2018 from 2-5 PM at Haisley Funeral Home, Fort Pierce.

11/21/18 05:04 PM #949    


David Tillman

Goodbye my friend, we had some good times and great memories. You will surely be missed by many!



11/22/18 10:43 AM #950    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Condolences to Sally and her family in the loss of Tim.  I have so many fond memories of Tim through our growing up in the same neighborhood and our years of school together.  He was always a leader in preparing for our class reunions.  We will miss him and pray for strength, peace and comfort for his family.  

01/04/19 07:45 AM #951    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy 2019!!!

01/22/19 07:32 AM #952    


Tommy Schwartz

Hope all is well with everybody.  It's been awful quiet on here.  They say "no news is good news".  Stay warm wherever you are.

01/23/19 10:11 AM #953    

Barbara Reeves (Brown)


01/23/19 01:57 PM #954    


Gary McCollum (McCollum)


kailua kona hawaii low in the 70's high 82 wind chill 81     aloha gary

01/24/19 11:43 PM #955    


Billy Webb (Webb Quarles Gilda)

Billy an Gilda send prayers to the family and friends of Tim Sugg always smiling face, an fun times in High School an at the reunions, smiling an hugging going on dancing, an have good old times,we will all be together, as Eagles soar up high, at Heavens gate, an celebrate, life with Jesus, Amen

02/11/19 07:40 AM #956    


Linda Parson (Davis)

My mother, Rabel Parson, passed away January 29th at 94 years. Many of you knew mom. She will be deeply missed. She was the most influential person in my life. January 31 I retired after working at Stetson University for 41 years. Lots of transitions in my life right now.

02/11/19 04:38 PM #957    


Garry Morrison

Hey Linda , great to see you on here POSTING !

Retirement is ROUGH but some of us have to do it  :))

02/12/19 10:24 AM #958    


Carol Bronson (Fowler)

God bless you Linda as you remember precious times with your mom.  Jim and I still have our moms at 96 and 90.  They are really remarkable.  That generation was amazing! Retirement is great. Congratulations on your wonderful career.  Hope to see you in June.  Hugs, Carol Bronson Fowler



02/12/19 03:15 PM #959    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Linda ~ I saw the lovely obituary in our local paper and thought about you.  Prayers for peace and comfort to you and yours in your loss.  Moms are special ladies and it is hard to say good-bye.  On a happy note ~ retirement is wonderful and I have enjoyed the 15 years since I left the college.  It goes by fast but capture each day and enjoy it to the fullest.  Hope to see you at our 50th reunion in May.  

02/12/19 03:17 PM #960    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Hope to see a group of classmates at our upcoming planning meeting on February 19th at 4pm ~ Haisley Reception Center.  The more the merrier as we work out the final details for our 50th reunion in May.  


02/15/19 03:50 PM #961    


Anita Beaver (Sloan)

Sorry I can't make this meeting on the 19th. I am hoping another classmate will come and help cover my spot. Please and Thanks! 

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