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09/11/17 11:50 AM #957    


Garry Morrison

Happy BD to 

Judge Black, John Skaggs, Carolyn Taylor, Alec

Diagneau and Tom Padrick.

Wow, 5 all on the same day, sounds like a hurricans Party  

was happening 66 years ago .

Eveyone stay safe, I will get to see Irma tomorrow.


09/12/17 11:28 AM #958    

Joyce Alvey (Widmayer)

Has anyone heard from Dru Hilson since Irma went through the Virgin Islands? She lives on St. Thomas. I know a lot of you in Ft. Pierce and other areas of Florida have a lot of clean-cut to do also. My thoughts are with you all.

09/12/17 05:15 PM #959    

S. LaVerne Coleman (LaVerne Coleman)

I haven't spoken to her since day before Irma hit St. Thomas and have had no response to texts, but someone posted on her fb page that she (and family) are okay. Whatever that means in a ravaged landscape.

09/12/17 07:37 PM #960    


Garry Morrison

I 2 have tried to get up with her. No Phone, no Txt and no Email .

I prey that everone is OK and power is restored soon !

09/13/17 07:43 PM #961    


Joel Swain

There is a lot of damage on St Thomas. Dru is ok. It will take a long time for the island to recover. She thinks it might be months before she gets power.

09/14/17 12:49 PM #962    


Garry Morrison

Thanks Joe.

I hope you and everyone in the area are OK and doing well !

I watched it all on TV from TN and all I can say is Damn !

We are getting our last day of rain from Irma and again I say Damn!


09/20/17 06:59 PM #963    


Helen Goodson

Dru called Mary Beth and asked that we let everyone know they made it through the second round of hurricanes, and they are all ok. 

09/21/17 08:03 PM #964    


Garry Morrison

Thanks for the update Helen, it's always good to get GOOD News !

09/22/17 12:42 PM #965    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Great to hear about Dru, although I am sure she will face some challenges during the days of recovery.  Hope all my classmates and their loved ones survived the storm and did not receive any major damage.  Linda and I headed to our place in GA prior to IRMA and coudl't believe that the darn storm followed us there!  Winds were high and electricity was out there but no damage other than yard trash from the trees, etc.  With 17 people, 8 horses and six dogs we were certainly close to being a three ring circus.  Ha!  Sure hope this hurricane season ends soon!


09/22/17 12:44 PM #966    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Forgot to mention, that Linda and I visited with Dru the middle of August in St. Thomas and she was a gracious hostess!  Beautiful island!


10/16/17 09:15 PM #967    


Tommy Schwartz


We had somebody join the web page today using one of our classmate's unused profiles.  This persons credentials just didn't add up and at the same time was telling one of our classmates that he/she loved them so much or something to that affect.

Bottom line is, if you notice something written on your page that seems a bit weird, let me know and we will get to the bottom of it and get them blocked. 

Thanks,  Tommy

What's everybody up to?  Hey the weather is getting cooler and maybe we can even go outside again...


10/16/17 09:25 PM #968    


Tommy Schwartz

OK, I have gotten into the preferences and tightened up the rules for getting to password protected areas of our site.  From now on, If a new person joins, we will have to verifiy his identity before he/she can get to anybody elses pages.  This should fix the problem. 


10/16/17 09:59 PM #969    


Garry Morrison

Not me , I didn't do it , ,, Did I ?

10/17/17 11:28 AM #970    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

You might want to check your own private message boards.  The message I received showed it was from one of my fellow female classmates.  The subject line said “English” and the message read “My love, words are not enough to express how much I love you. My wish is for you to stay happy and healthy, best bday! sent by Joel Swiss.”    This person had just logged in as one of our classmates. I can’t thank Tommy enough for investigating it so quickly and getting it blocked!

11/07/17 10:24 AM #971    


Billy Webb (Webb Quarles Gilda)

Great tribute to the Bogart saw all the movies when, we we're younger, great song too thank you for that tribute, song, the Webb's. From Deland, fl

11/27/17 03:21 PM #972    


Garry Morrison

Have U 

Ever looked

into your pets eyes

and thought U saw someone

in there looking back "Mercy"..

11/27/17 03:50 PM #973    


Tommy Schwartz

Our dog is a person to us.  Look into his eyes and tell me he isn't.


11/27/17 07:42 PM #974    


Garry Morrison

Touchey , yours even

dresses like a human :)

11/28/17 05:00 PM #975    


David Tillman

Tommy;   Whoa now, I'm not sure you can bring Buster by here all dressed up in that Tux. Nilla just loves a Smart Dressed Man!





11/28/17 05:19 PM #976    


David Tillman

FPUA Electric Transmission Division is sending crews of Linemen to the Virgin Islands to help them restore their power grid. My son will be part of a crew in St Croix for the month of December. They do, however, get to live on a Carnival Cruise ship while they are there. Who would have even thought they would ever need to reach out that far for help. We should all say a prayer that it was not us, and while you are at it, say a prayer for all of them.

11/29/17 08:48 AM #977    


Tommy Schwartz


I have been meaning to get with you about that.  Dru told me at the benefit for the Virgin Islands to give your son her phone number and to call her as she would like to have a little "get together" for them while they are there.  I will send you her phone number.  She was pretty excited that they were sending a Fort Pierce crew down there.

11/30/17 07:26 PM #978    


David Tillman



That is so nice of Dru to offer. I am sure they would love to have some local connection to home while there (it would go a long way in giving them a better feeling of satisfaction knowing they are helping someone who came from their own hometown) . As I said before, they will be there all month (for some it will be their first Christmas away from home). Let me know and I will get the information to Dan.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        On a sad note:                                                                                                                                                 Karen Kane's shop, "Karen Kane Interiors", in downtown Ft Pierce caught fire last night. My cousin was downtown at Sweets today and saw the aftermath. It does not look good  (Sue went online to the Fire Dept website and showed me the pictures). Karen has worked real hard for many years to build what is a very good and respected business.      My thoughts and prayers go out to her.





12/16/17 11:34 AM #979    

Darlene "Beannie" Gartman (Silverstein)

Dear Class of 69:

The class of 70 has a classmate Gary Brooks who is in need of support.  Gary had open heart surgery on Nov 10 2017 with complications.  He just got transferred to a rehab hospital in Orlando.  The class of 70 is tryintg to raise funds to help Gary and his wife with expenses.Can contact Beannie Silverstein  at

More info to come.


12/24/17 08:54 AM #980    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Wishing you all the very best Christmas ever!  May the Lord’s love bless you all!

12/25/17 08:07 AM #981    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Merry Christmas to all.  May your hearts be filled with joy and peace and your life with love.  Enjoy your day with family and friends.

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