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11/22/18 10:43 AM #950    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Condolences to Sally and her family in the loss of Tim.  I have so many fond memories of Tim through our growing up in the same neighborhood and our years of school together.  He was always a leader in preparing for our class reunions.  We will miss him and pray for strength, peace and comfort for his family.  

01/04/19 07:45 AM #951    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy 2019!!!

01/22/19 07:32 AM #952    


Tommy Schwartz

Hope all is well with everybody.  It's been awful quiet on here.  They say "no news is good news".  Stay warm wherever you are.

01/23/19 10:11 AM #953    

Barbara Reeves (Brown)


01/23/19 01:57 PM #954    


Gary McCollum (McCollum)


kailua kona hawaii low in the 70's high 82 wind chill 81     aloha gary

01/24/19 11:43 PM #955    


Billy Webb (Webb Quarles Gilda)

Billy an Gilda send prayers to the family and friends of Tim Sugg always smiling face, an fun times in High School an at the reunions, smiling an hugging going on dancing, an have good old times,we will all be together, as Eagles soar up high, at Heavens gate, an celebrate, life with Jesus, Amen

02/11/19 07:40 AM #956    


Linda Parson (Davis)

My mother, Rabel Parson, passed away January 29th at 94 years. Many of you knew mom. She will be deeply missed. She was the most influential person in my life. January 31 I retired after working at Stetson University for 41 years. Lots of transitions in my life right now.

02/11/19 04:38 PM #957    


Garry Morrison

Hey Linda , great to see you on here POSTING !

Retirement is ROUGH but some of us have to do it  :))

02/12/19 10:24 AM #958    


Carol Bronson (Fowler)

God bless you Linda as you remember precious times with your mom.  Jim and I still have our moms at 96 and 90.  They are really remarkable.  That generation was amazing! Retirement is great. Congratulations on your wonderful career.  Hope to see you in June.  Hugs, Carol Bronson Fowler



02/12/19 03:15 PM #959    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Linda ~ I saw the lovely obituary in our local paper and thought about you.  Prayers for peace and comfort to you and yours in your loss.  Moms are special ladies and it is hard to say good-bye.  On a happy note ~ retirement is wonderful and I have enjoyed the 15 years since I left the college.  It goes by fast but capture each day and enjoy it to the fullest.  Hope to see you at our 50th reunion in May.  

02/12/19 03:17 PM #960    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Hope to see a group of classmates at our upcoming planning meeting on February 19th at 4pm ~ Haisley Reception Center.  The more the merrier as we work out the final details for our 50th reunion in May.  


02/15/19 03:50 PM #961    


Anita Beaver (Sloan)

Sorry I can't make this meeting on the 19th. I am hoping another classmate will come and help cover my spot. Please and Thanks! 

02/27/19 05:08 PM #962    


Linda Walters (Hays)

I'm sorry to report that our classmate, Joyce Alvey, lost her Mother a couple days ago.  My condolences to her and her extended family for peace and comfort in the days ahead. 


03/05/19 04:50 PM #963    


Garry Morrison

On the registration Page .....

There should also be a way to donate to the Scholarship Fund

without having to purchase an attendance credit. This would allow

Classmates who just want to help the class out,  but not attend to do so ???

03/06/19 07:04 AM #964    


Tommy Schwartz

We have one Gary.  Just mail a check to Linda, made out to Dan McCarty Class of 1969.

03/06/19 09:32 AM #965    


Garry Morrison

Thanks  Tomy , keeping it simple :)

03/06/19 11:30 AM #966    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Thanks so much, Tommy, for all you do!  Great job!  It's not always easy working with the tools provided.  Sounds simple enough!  Since you were only allowed to print one price, you used the credit card price since that's what most people do.  If paying by check, just mail $95 per person to Linda's address provided in the "50 Year Reunion" tab.   And if we want to add extra to that check, we may.  Perfect!

Classmates, you may get a call from me and/or a message on your voice mail.  I'm trying to call those who have provided a phone number.  I'm hoping I'll see all of you at the reunion!

03/07/19 06:51 PM #967    


Billy Webb (Webb Quarles Gilda)

Billy an Gilda Quarles will not be attending 50th class reunion, Gilda is having Surgery, on my spine, stats, taken out, waiting on Surgeon to do Surgery in Deland, FL, an gonna take a trip to Cedar Key, FL instead, an have a rested vacation, y'all have fun take pics send to all of us, Love to all!

03/08/19 10:01 AM #968    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I'm SO happy to see classmates starting to register for the 50th Class Reunion!  I can't wait to see you all!  If you "click" on the Classmate Profiles tab at the top, there is a place to see who has registered to attend.  If any of your friends are missing from that list, be sure and remind them to register!  

03/10/19 08:12 PM #969    


Tommy Schwartz

I went to my drawer full of old VHS tapes today to find one to use to see if an old machine worked or needed to meet the garbage truck.  Well, the first one  I found said "20th Class Reunion DanMcCarty1969".  I am sure none of you have seen this one but it even includes a cheerleader segment.  I guess I am going to have to find my interface to convert this to a DVD. It is pretty funny to watch.  Nelson Colon had his camera with him that night and gave me a copy back in 1989.

03/10/19 09:15 PM #970    


Garry Morrison


this may or may not be the same tape which Dru H. Offered 

to bring to the 45th Re-Union. 

I can't imagine there would be too many different versions

of the 20th reunion movie ! 

But that being said, I seem to remember hers was also VHS .

Good luck on the copy process !

03/11/19 10:37 AM #971    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

Tommy!!  Oh my goodness, that would be SO much fun to watch!  I would LOVE to see it!

03/13/19 03:51 PM #972    


Anita Beaver (Sloan)

To all our 1969 DMHS classmates:  PLEASE make an effort to attend our 50th Class Reunion on June 7th and 8th, 2019. What better reason to return to Ft. Pierce (if you no longer live here) than to help us celebrate this milestone and to reminisce. Local classmates should have "no excuse" to miss this special reunion. We also welcome other DMHS classes to join us. So, get on your phones or Facebook, to reach out to our 1969 classmates and any other DMHS classes to help make this a very memorable occasion. Ford and Anita (Beaver) Sloan

03/20/19 08:59 AM #973    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I love to see more and more people signing up for our 50th class reunion!  I hope to see you all there!

03/20/19 01:34 PM #974    


Tommy Schwartz


You are such a good cheerleader for our cause that I figured I had better go ahead and sign up as well.  Thanks for keeping the word going.  Now come on everybody else...lets get signed up!

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