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06/09/19 03:32 PM #1005    


Helen Goodson

Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to make sure the reunion was great. I had such fun. I love catching up with "old" friends!

06/09/19 04:25 PM #1006    


Linda Parson (Davis)

What a wonderful reunion!! We are already looking forward to the next one. It was great that so many could make it. Many thanks for the countless hours of organizing by the reunion planning committee. I am so grateful to all of you. Go Eagles!!

06/09/19 07:33 PM #1007    


Cheryl Denmark (Rowe)

Yes, I was glad I went to the 50th reunion and thank you to all who worked so hard to make it happen.  It was great to see so many people and to be able talk about our past and present.  


06/10/19 10:21 AM #1008    


Allan Colby

I had a great time! Thanks to everyone that came, especially those that had to travel.

Fun to see old friends and catch up and reminisce  on all the good times we had 50 years (and more)ago!

06/10/19 11:34 AM #1009    


Christine Cannon (Futch)

Thank you to everyone who worked so tirelessly to make the reunion such a great couple of evenings together reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company. So glad I attended. 

06/12/19 09:04 AM #1010    


George Pope


Just looking at the pictures from the reuinion. I am glad everyone had a good time. Wish I could have been there, but the surgeon had other ideas. Underwent tripple by-pass on Thursday moring, just got home yesterday and I'm working on rehab, may be will make it to the next one. Thank you to all of the volunteers that workied so hard to make this happen      George


06/13/19 08:33 AM #1011    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

We missed you, George!  Do whatever they tell you to do in Cardiac Rehab, so you can get back to doing the things you wish to do!  I know many were not able to attend either due to their own health issues, or those of family members.   You were all missed.  

06/13/19 10:01 AM #1012    


Robin Blanton

Many THANKS to those who planned and organized our 50th Class Reunion.  It was a fun event visiting DMHS classmates, recalling old memories, and feeling young again ..... well, sort of.  Thank you!! 

P.S. George you were missed and I hope your recovery is uneventful. 

06/13/19 10:20 AM #1013    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

George ~ You and Connie were missed and I was surprised that you weren't with us.  Guess you had a good reason not to!  Our prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.  We had a great time and as always the time was over before I felt like I got to visit with everyone.  So pleased that we had this time together with our friends.

06/13/19 09:48 PM #1014    


Sharon Murphy (Peacock)

The 50th Class Reunion looked like everyone had a wonderful time.  I wish I could have been there to celebrate with all my classmates.  Thank you to Barbara and Tommy for the pictures.  George Pope I am praying for your quick recovery.  Take it easy and do what your doctor says.  Go Eagles!

06/13/19 11:07 PM #1015    


Mary Hislop (Shearer)

Thank you to all the committee members who made our reunion special. It was a joy to see so many young people! We look pretty good! Hope to see everyone next time!

06/14/19 03:37 PM #1016    


Lawrence Virgin

George, get better, we'll continue to pray for you.  Missed you at the reunion.

06/14/19 03:43 PM #1017    


Lawrence Virgin

Alexis and I had a great time at the 50th reunion!  Thanks to all of you that put in the hard word that made it possible.  It was great to see everyone, though I couldn't spend the time I wanted to with each of you.  Untl next time....!!!!

06/15/19 05:02 AM #1018    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

Billy an Gilda are glad George Pope an family doing well, an in Rehab, We are praying for family, an Go Eagles, Great 50th Reunion pic, We send our Best to Our Class on 1969 an 1970

06/16/19 12:57 PM #1019    


George Pope

Thanks everyone for the well wishes, I am up to walking a mile a day, working my way back to 3 miles.


06/16/19 07:48 PM #1020    


Linda Sample (Thomas)

So sorry that Jim and I couldn't make  the trip. It looks like a fun time was had by all. It's a long way to Ft. Pierce and I am nursing another hip replacement. I'm hoping to see everyone in 5 years. We missed getting home, but Pensacola is a long way. Thanks Barbara & Tommy and others for all the pictures (and names). I wouldn't have recognized everyone. Special thanks to the organizers; what a lot of work it involved! Sure hope another reunion willl happen in 5 years!

07/01/19 11:36 AM #1021    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

Happy 4th of July from Billy an Gilda Quarles Webb, hope all Veterians, here an hope we all have a great day of fireworks, an Family, our Granddaughter will be having our 3rd Greatgrandaughter, we are excited, for all our family, Best time to have a 4th of July 👶 Brittany and Austin Hines parents of 👶

07/03/19 12:10 PM #1022    


Linda Sample (Thomas)

So sorry to hear of Tim's passing. So many great memories of him at school and at our house. Always involved in school activities. Tim's smiling face will surely be missed. Our sympathy to Sally and his family. Jim and Linda Thomas

09/09/19 08:28 PM #1023    


Garry Morrison

Thanks Tommy S. for sending 3 CD of assorted 

MP3 files. And Thanks to Gary Stewart (may he rest in Peace).

I am experimenting to see if I can share one of my

Favorites "Nothing But A Woman" , a little Boogie-Woogie

and some wicked Gee-Tar licks :

click on the link Below


09/10/19 10:33 AM #1024    


Tommy Schwartz


That's a Robert Cray song that Gary borrowed for his album "Battleground".  Warren Haynes (the Allman Brothers & Government Mule) played the lead guitar on it.  Somewhere I have a preliminary version where they jam it out.  I have about 15 hard drives and when I run into the other version, I'll MP3 and send it to you.  Gary plays a bit of the lead on the alternate version jam.  

09/10/19 07:06 PM #1025    


Garry Morrison

Thanks , was I right about the name ?

It was labeled Track1 and I just guessed on the name  .

And Tommy write this stuff down @#$%^ what will happen

to this info. if something happens to U (God Forbid) .

Not chewing just suggesting :)

09/12/19 01:43 AM #1026    


Elinda Hunter

Thanks Gary M. for the link.  It works really well. 

09/12/19 08:30 PM #1027    


Garry Morrison

Elinda, you are more than welcome , proud to see

U on here and participating smiley

10/28/19 05:48 PM #1028    


Garry Morrison

Here is another Hot Link from Gary L. via... Tommy  :)

Click, Listen and Enjoy


10/29/19 11:02 AM #1029    


Tommy Schwartz


This is one of my favorites.  Gary and Billy Eldridge saw a billboard in Tennessee advertising a locally favorite beer and the motto on the sign was "The Finest Product of the Brewer Art".  Of course, their jobs in Nashville at that time was to write songs and songs are anywhere you get an idea.  Another on that cd I sent you that is a favorite is "The Gold Bar Stool".  It is actually hard to pinpoint a favorite because I have so many.  Many of those song were from the 60's and country music kind of funny at the time...I got a tiger by the tail it's plain to see......

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