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04/26/20 04:30 PM #1018    


Gary McCollum (McCollum)

aloha from hawaii

our island is doing fine only 66 cases and 39 were from all famaly members my wife is still  working   my judo high school team was canceled  the golf coarse was opened 3 weeks ago. i play 3 days and i do my 5 mile walk on the other 4 days got to get my vitamin d and work on my tan everyone stay healthy work out and have fun

                                                                   aloha gary & brenda





04/27/20 10:32 AM #1019    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Well this has certainly been an interesting time for all of us.  I can't say that I am quite as detailed as Tommy is when it comes to disinfecting after shopping but the truth is I have primarily done Walmart ordering online and pickup.  Jim usually does the pickup and has also done the other necessary shopping and errands.  This is our sixth week of "social distancing" and while I am anxious to be out and about, I still believe caution is needed.  I have used zoom to communicate with some of my girlfriends as we share an evening cocktail and a few laughs along the way.  Sure do miss my children and grandchildren though.  We have a boat at the marina next to our condo so we can get out on the water when weather permits.  A nice break in the daily routine.  Lots of card playing, jigsaw puzzles, television, more cooking than normal and some deep cleaning of our home.   Stay safe my classmates.  This too  shall pass.

05/06/20 12:08 AM #1020    

Sandra Ard (Pauley)

Hi all,  Hope everyone is staying safe.  I just wanted to let everyone know that Patricia Hartman DiCiccio's husband passed away yesterday.  I don't have any details.  Please keep her in your prayers. She is on Facebook and I'm sure she would enjoy hearing from her classmates.

05/07/20 01:52 PM #1021    


Tommy Schwartz

I received an email thru the class web site from a guy who found a Football Program from October 4th, 1968. It was Dan McCarty vs Riviera Beach @ JC Field.  He said he found it in a lot of other discarded things and thought that someone may like it.  He lives in Redwood country  (Northwest California a good ways above San Francisco.  I offered to pay him for it but he said he just didn't wan't someones's memories just thrown away.  When I get it I will scan it and make it available depending what is in it.  There may be some cool pictures.  I thanked him and let him know how thoughtful I felt it was.  Here is a picture of the cover that he sent.

05/07/20 02:55 PM #1022    


Frances Swindle (Thrift)

I was very sorry to hear that Patty Hartman DiCiccio's husband, Larry, had passed.  I'm not on facebook.  My prayers and thoughts goes out to Patty.  

Patty,  I called you and left a message.  Mary Jo was able to talk to you and was able to share with me.   

05/10/20 12:36 AM #1023    

Joyce Alvey (Widmayer)

Patty,so sorry to hear about your husband. I hope you know that if you need anything, all you have to do is call. I will pray for you.

05/22/20 06:50 AM #1024    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I'm a guest member on the site for the class of 1970.  Almost daily they have posts on their message forum.  I can't believe that we are so much more "silent" than they are!  

Most of us were already retired when this pandemic started.  What are all of you doing now to keep enjoying your lives?   I still live in the country out west of Fort Pierce.  I ride my bicycle 2 or 3 times a day.  I work in my yard a lot.  I don't have a sprinkler system on my property, so not really a lawn (at least the weeds are usually green), but I do have some beautiful flowers and plants.  I usually have huckleberries this time of year, but we didn't get rain at the right time.   I also enjoy kayaking.   Our beaches are back open for now.  (We won't discuss the incident at Jaycee Park that has resulted in both that park and Causeway Park being closed for the Memorial Day weekend.)   The restaurants are now open for 50% capacity, but I haven't dined out yet.  I have plans for lunch today, and all our local businesses need our support right now.  My own church will have mass on May 31, and I plan to attend.

I hadn't planned to write today.  Then I saw ANOTHER post on 1970's forum and decided to do so.  I am hoping that each of you are doing things that make life worth living. Please let us hear from you!


05/22/20 02:37 PM #1025    


Tommy Schwartz


You may have answered your own question and not realized it at the time.  It sounds to me like maybe we are all out trying to remain active and doing things that we need to do (within our limits), while they may be having a Philosopher's Camp Meeting.  I know that I have spent a lot more time trying to do things in my yard and in my house.  Comes a time when you just need to purge some of this stuff.  Plus this Siberian Husky is always ready to go for a walk.  We have two bikes but it seems that Lee likes mine better than her own (not my fault, she went and bought them).  Most of the time one takes the dog and the other takes the bike and we trade back and forth (no, the dog doesn't get a turn. All I know that the days are sure flying past.  You would think that time would see to crawl like you were in jail but it has been just the opposite to me.  It could be that I have been dreading the heat that we have been the past few days.  I wish it could stay winter in Fort Pierce a month or so longer...maybe three months.

Y'all Stay Safe & Cool.  It looks like it is going to be a hot one.

05/27/20 11:27 AM #1026    


Barbara Cleveland (Sinbine)

I was sad to hear of the passing of Mike Lewis.  I just happened to run into him at Walmart many years ago - maybe 15 years. It wasn't until later that I realized I should have gotten his number, because I was never able to locate him for any of our reunions.  I first met him in St Lucie County Junior High and always have thought of him as a gentle soul.  His family lived right next to Dan McCarty and I remember visiting.  I hope that others of you stayed in better touch with him than I did.  

10/16/20 02:26 PM #1027    

Dennis Vannoy

Can't believe how many schoolmates we lost over the yrs.DMHSwas the best yrs of my life could'nt wait to get out and now i wish i was back.  Had a good life and career with the Fire Dept. But it came back to bite my butt. Never smoked in my life but alittle weed when I went surfing  but that stopped when I went on the FD. Now I,ve got a lung disease on oxy 24 hrs aday and my days are numbered no cure and it's progressive.Steroids keep my mind messed up so please exscuse my spelling.   Good Luck everyone. I'll be in touch. Dennis Vannoy

10/17/20 11:22 AM #1028    


Lois Walters (Gordy)

Dennis ~ Sorry to hear you are struggling with health issues.  Will keep you in my prayers.  Yes, we have lost a number of classmates and it is hard to believe that we will all be hitting the 70's soon!  Where have the years gone.  Take care!

10/17/20 07:09 PM #1029    


Anita Beaver (Sloan)

Hey Dennis. SO SORRY to hear of your declining health. We did not realize things were so bad. We are thinking of you and praying for you at this time. Love, Anita & Ford

11/04/20 12:24 PM #1030    


Linda Walters (Hays)

Wanted to make sure all of you were aware that our classmate,  Vic Culbertson,  lost his special friend and fiancé, Jill.  There will be a Celebration of Life on Saturday, Nov 7th at 4:00 at the Haisley Reception Center.  Carters Grocery will be providing a meal.  Hope that some of you will be able to join us.  Social distancing will be observed.  Hope everyone is staying safe.  

11/05/20 08:40 AM #1031    


Carol Bronson (Fowler)

So sorry to hear of Vic's loss.  These days are hard, but it is so nice to hold each other in thought and prayer.  Please also know that Beverly Bolton, our classmate who lives in Arizona, is undergoing a second round of chemotherapy.  She is single and has no immediate family, other than an elderly aunt and uncle.  Her mailing address is 2111  West Straford Drive, Chandler, AZ  85224-1143. 

My Jim and I are taking care of my elderly, Mom, Rose, at our home.  We call her, "The Ancient Princess".The assisted living neglected some important health issues, during the recent lockdown.  So, we brought her here in July.  Jim's mom, Sheila, passed away at 97 yrs this past May. 

Hope you are safe and surrounded by love.  See you in the covid vaccination line!  Hugs, Carol Bronson Fowler

11/06/20 09:45 AM #1032    


Anita Beaver (Sloan)

So sorry to hear about Jill. Vic, we are thinking of you and sending prayers your way. Beverly, we are sad to hear about your health and are also sending prayers your way. To all our classmates, we pray you stay well and safe during these trying times. Love to all. Anita & Ford

11/07/20 08:24 AM #1033    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

So praying for Vic an sorry Jill has left in Heaven with Jesus, an there is a place where our life begins to live forever with God an His Son Jesus, and we are praying for all. Billy an Gilda Webb from DeLand, Fl.

11/08/20 04:22 AM #1034    


Elinda Hunter

Beverly Bolton our thoughts and prayers are with you as you undergo this chemo treatment. I am hopeful that it will be effective in just the right way to put you on the cancer survivor's list. Payerful thoughts! Be strong and safe.

Thank you Carol for the update. I am sorry to hear of the passing of Jim's mom! You are blessed to have had her for 97 years. I've seen so many of the elderly living to be 100 that I wanted that for our parents. I am glad you are able to care for your Princess at home. In these unusual times it is hopefully the best for all of you. Prayers for your continued success! Be safe.

11/09/20 05:30 PM #1035    

Dennis Vannoy

I am so happy to see how everyone pulls together for all us old farts.Thanks

11/10/20 05:22 PM #1036    


Billy Gilda Ruth Quarles Webb (Webb)

ElindaHunter we are praying for your quick recovery sorry for the loss of your family 97 Awesome years, Billy an Gilda Webb

11/13/20 09:23 AM #1037    


Tommy Schwartz

I just received word that Marvin Rucks passed away in October 2019.  I am ususally in touch with his brother Donnie but due to Covid we hadn't talked in over a year.  I am posting a link to his obituary.!/Obituary

11/14/20 11:27 AM #1038    


Deveron Leith Martin

This took me by surprise and i'm so sorry to hear it.We hung out a lot in school and went to many races.My belated condolences to the family.R.I.P. Good Friend. Thank you Tommy for the notice.

11/14/20 05:27 PM #1039    

Dennis Vannoy

Thanks Tommy for the info on Marvin Rucks. I knew alot of Rucks over there. when I got out of school i worked on a dairy that my fiance brother in law owed.He was a Rucks too. They were all good folk. marvin was a good guy always liked him. I'll tell you what Tommy life is getting shorter everyday      P.S. did you ever forgive me for shooting you with that 22 rifle of yours. LOL

11/15/20 09:58 AM #1040    


Tommy Schwartz

Your memory is short Dennis...I shot myself with the .22.  I remember it well and remember how stupid I felt.  You don't aim a rifle straight down into a flower pot to shoot at a scorpion without the bullet shattering and coming right back up at you.  I had a sliver and some small pieces in my lower arm and the larger piece up by my vaccination . I remember going to Dr. McDermid that day.  If it was today the cops would have been called and there would have been some big investigation.  BTW...I also shot that rifle thru my bedroom ceiling and roof.  My dad never even asked me about it...even though he fixed both holes.

11/15/20 04:05 PM #1041    


Elinda Hunter

So sorry to hear about Marvin even though it was a year ago. Back in the day I wasn't really close with very many people. I do remember Marvin. It's sad hear of another classmate moving on. Prayers for the family. Grief takes it's toll and has it's own timeline.

11/16/20 04:31 PM #1042    

Dennis Vannoy

Tommy me and you were in the front pasture at your house and I shot at fencepole and it bounced back and hit you. Your mom when she got home was'nt too happy about it. Catch you later bub stay safe. Me and Terry have Chief Rogers living up here in the mts with us. He has his own place in the basement. I had turned it into an aparment full bath, two bedroom, kitchen and family room so he can watch Fox channel allday but he is 89 but doing well. got his golfcart to ride around on the property. gtg bye

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